domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Social networks? Yes, but still with confidence relationships

Do you know what does active networking mean? Or let's complicate the question: do you know what the difference between offline networking or online networking is? I DO
During a Social Networks conference in Burgos, Emilio Marquez (@emiliomarquez) cleared up this two concepts. 

The offline networking already existed before. It is the networking we are used to: talking, exchanging personal cards, seeing other person’s face, etc. Nothing new. On the other hand, the active networking (or online networking) refers to the abilities and social tools used to improve work and to increase everyone’s talent.

Emilio recalled that thanks to the social networks we can now get to a lot of people just by clicking in the keyboard.

Nevertheless, according to this specialist in social networks, those two kinds of networking (the offline and online) have to be combined. People should still be making confidence relationships. That’s the aim of networking, not just being connected through online networking, but also offline. As he said: “we have to sense the feeling in person”.

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